The New Davao Famous Restaurant: Nothing Beats Old Skool

You know that I don’t just promote brands and establishments, but the New Davao Famous Restaurant is really worth blogging about. They never changed; they still offer the best Chinese dishes around the city. However, due to the fast urbanization and progress of Davao City, old restaurants like them seem to be out of place. Malls made it quite hard for old businesses to thrive, but the New Davao Famous didn’t give up. They improved their main branch in Magsaysay St., and now they have just opened their second branch in Matina, fronting Matina IT Park.

Here are some of the classic dishes they served us:

Famous Fried Rice
My most favorite Lumpia Shanghai in town!
Davao’s most beloved Sateme
Chopsuey Guisado
Fried Shrimps
Their Special Lomi
A sample picture of their Matina branch’s set-up

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Despite all the new and emerging Chinese restaurants in town, I believe that it’s better to go back to our roots. For the 90s kids like me, this restaurant brings back old memories. The New Davao Famous is all-authentic, with huge servings at great prices. Compared to the new Chinese restaurants in the big malls around the city, their food is really worth it. Plus, all the taxes go to our city because the brand is proudly Davao-made.

The New Davao Famous Restaurant is open daily, from 6:30am until 10pm.

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