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Black and Pastel Graciousness

Black and Pastel Graciousness

We all know that black is not really a color–at least that’s what I learned in my Art History class. Apparently, it happens to be backed up by Science. According to this website, Black and White are not considered colors because they don’t have specific wavelengths, unlike other colors. They are called monochromes.

Since mixing and matching colors is quite tricky, many people would not opt to do so, except for maybe Christmas (green+red) or for any occasion that has something to do with flags. There is a lot of fashion faux pas because of mismatched colors, and I am very conscious of this. Hence, I mix colors with just black or white, or neutral tones like nude or dark brown.

My Black and Pastel Graciousness

Pastel colors are also difficult to match. It’s almost integral that you just pair them with other pastel colors, their darker colors (like hot pink for baby pink) or monochromes, such as black.

I’m also not a fan of donning an all-exclusive black, white, or any color outfit. If I do, I make sure that my shoes or bag is different.

Blanc and Eclare’s Poppy bag was hard to pair, so I decided on an all-black outfit. The boots are from koreancravings.com, and the dress, I thrifted from Bangkerohan market
Introducing, my sort-of-a-heartthrob little brother! LOL

What are your favorite colors to match? Tell me in the comments below!

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