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Good Vibrations 101: Count your Blessings

Welcome to my first Good Vibrations series of blogs. This time, I’ll be sharing why you should count your blessings.

Last year, I blogged about promising to do 5 things that would serve as a motivation for my life in general. These five are very simple, but (quite frankly,) difficult to do. And to be honest, I wasn’t consistent in doing them. It even took more than a year for me to follow-up with my promise of blogging about each of the five things. For that, I am sorry.

I believe that since the world is trying to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, those five things would not only be necessary but also be requisite, especially for those people who are struggling with some parts of their lives. Most of us are not really working for 40 hours in a week, so we can perhaps take a few minutes in a day to do those five, or at least one of them. Let’s start with number one on my list, Using a Gratitude Journal.

I’m not really sure if a lot of people are doing this, but if you’re a part of a religious organization, I bet your leaders have been telling you about being thankful to your deity. I’m just not certain if they emphasize it, because more than asking your respective deity’s mercy and forgiveness, being grateful to her or him should be the priority.

Being grateful means a lot of things. For one, it is the mightiest proof that you believe that a deity or the universe is doing its job to make you have a happier life in contentment. When you count your blessings, your vibrations become high because your mind recalls how lucky you are to have some good in your life. 

My first promise in my article is that I have to list 10 things that I am thankful for each day–the things that I have received as expected or unexpectedly. Now, listing 10 things might be hard, but I am including almost everything that I literally receive, like the air I breathe or the clothes I wear. There are unlimited things to be thankful for in our lives. The fact that we can eat for as how many times in a day we prefer and how we have loving people around us is worth thanking. If you cannot think of 10 things all at once, then you may just start writing at least 3 things everyday.

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Now, if in case you are not doing very well in terms of your mental health or perhaps in your relationships, finances, or your health, then having a Gratitude Journal is vital. I tell you once again, the more you count your blessings, the more they will multiply. The happier you are, the happier you will be.

However, it is also a reality that there are things in life that we can’t control. For instance, if one of your close relations is being unfair, then you’ll be irked by that, or maybe even worse. Nevertheless, please continue to look for the beautiful things in her or him, and that would be the time that you’ll see the light. Now, if there is one sordid person that surrounds you that you have to really get away from, then don’t focus your energies on that person. Keep on thanking the universe for the other good things that are going well. I promise you, the universe will give you an opportunity to be able to get rid of that person.

That’s it. Again, list at least three things to be thankful for everyday. Don’t focus too much on the negative things that you can’t control. Another last tip: Read about Stoicism and apply it to your life.

Count your Blessings
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