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My 5 Most Favorite Restaurants on GrabFood

My 5 Most Favorite Restaurants on GrabFood

It’s the month of August once again, and we all know what that means–it’s the Kadayawan Festival! While there are a lot of restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they haven’t really stopped us from eating great food. Yes, I can still say that despite everything that’s happening, we’re still fortunate ‘coz we get to enjoy good food and that a lot of restaurants in Davao City are still thriving.

Most of the fondest memories I have about Kadayawan festivals involve food. That’s because it’s mostly during this time where my family and I get a lot of visitors from outside of Davao, and we take them to the best restaurants in town. Aside from that, I also reminisce about the food trips I had with some of my co-bloggers from the Davao Bloggers Society.

My 5 Most Favorite Restaurants on GrabFood

Since we were talking about GrabFood’s exciting deals, promos, and raffle draw, let me recommend some of the best restaurants you can order on GrabFood.

Cafe Tavera

One, if not my most favorite family restaurants in Davao is Cafe Tavera! I swear by all of their dishes! The meals are not commercially made, and they’re all worth their prices (or even more)! Their fusion of Chinese and Filipino meals is so superb that no matter what your food taste is, you’ll surely come to love them. If you haven’t tried Cafe Tavera yet, order them on GrabFood, especially if you’re celebrating the Kadayawan Festival with your beloved family.

K Steak Unlimited

Are you craving American, Australian, or Japanese meat? Then head over to the GrabFood App and search for K Steak Unlimited. They offer top-notch meals that are made from premium and prime imported meats and ingredients that are sure to make you want more. After trying out their meals for a day, I crave them again the next day. That’s how delicious they are! If you’re celebrating Kadayawan with your special someone at home, the K Steak Unlimited menu is perfect for you.

The New Davao Famous Restaurant

The New Davao Famous Restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city. Despite that, all their food offerings and the taste never changed. The classic favorites in their menu are Lumpia Shanghai (certainly the best in Davao!), Famous fried rice, Sateme, Chopsuey Guisado, Fried Shrimps, and their special lomi. Order them on GrabFood now.

Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen

I really miss Balik Bukid’s ambiance and the fact that they have a live band that plays some of my favorite indie and reggae songs. However, I’m still fortunate enough that I don’t get to miss out on their creative and healthy meals even during this pandemic. Well, thank you, GrabFood, for that! Also, the restaurant is known for using organic materials for its food. You should try them out!

Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp.

Also one of the most beloved restaurants in Davao, Lachi’s Sans Rival has the best desserts in town. Whether you’re into cheesecakes or luscious chocolates and fused fruits, Lachi’s has them all. But aside from their well-known desserts, their original meals are also something to behold. Plus, all of them are affordable! Order your Lachi favorites on GrabGFood now.

I’m sure you’re craving for these now! Go to GrabFood, but remember that the promo is only open to selected restaurants. Don’t forget to enter the code “MADAYAW” to get a chance to win GrabFood vouchers! 🙂

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