Skincare Review: White Glow Bar Soap, Hand & Body Lotion, Facial Toner, and Facial Creams

When it comes to skincare, I am like an incomplete canvas, sometimes left unbothered by its intricacies, and almost always leaning towards the herbal, less-invasive bunch, a myriad mixes of anything I see, or my sister’s unconsumed products due to her sensitive-prone skin.

A friend might panic after reading that because I am not getting any younger (I already have age spots on my face). Yes, I have my retinol, niacinamide, and glycolic acid, but I don’t use them daily, as it seems my skin has developed a tolerance to them. Additionally, my lack of sleep has dried out my skin, which caused concern in January of this year. It seemed like I was always pale, and even with makeup, I couldn’t see myself blooming. I almost decided to resort to more luxurious and expensive Korean skincare (good thing they were out of stock!), until…

Fast-forward to late February when my beloved org, the Davao Bloggers Society, was contacted by the owner of White Glow, to test their products. Their products promise glowing and whitening, and I was able to test them for at least 23 days. I kid you not; it was the answer to my dilemma. Now let me review each of the products they sent us:

Day and Night Routine: White Glow Beauty Bar Soap + Facial Toner + Day/Night Facial Creams

I failed to mention that I don’t care much about the products I use because I naturally don’t have sensitive skin, unlike many girls and women. My skin adapts to any skincare and makeup product without getting pimples or abrasions.

I was excited about the White Glow beauty bar soap because it has been years since I have paid attention to the face cleanser I use. My last cleanser was just a basic, almost natural one without glowing and brightening components.

Day One:

Based on the ingredients of White Glow, I was assured that the active ingredients would improve my skin. When I first used it, I left the soap on my face for around 30-45 seconds, thinking it would produce better results. I almost panicked when I felt a sting after doing so. I immediately washed my face, but the sting continued to lament it. Luckily, it didn’t induce redness.

I rested my face a bit. When the sting subsided, I moved to the next step, which was the Glow White facial toner. I slowly patted a cotton with the toner on my face, and I didn’t feel a sting at all, until I put on the White Glow night facial cream. However, as a retinol user, I am used to prickles brought about by chemicals that may improve my face. The sting lasted a few minutes, but I saw no redness on my face.

Day 2-23

When I woke up in the morning, my face looked normal, so I planned to use the soap despite its sting. However, I always skip washing my face with facial cleansers or beauty soaps in the morning. I learned from a Japanese skincare expert not to do so in the morning so that you may still retain your face’s natural oils and moisture. I did, however, use the day facial cream, and it was nice. I didn’t experience any discomfort.

During the night, I did the same routine, and to my delight, I felt no sting at all! My friend Athina / DiscovDavao on TikTok was right; the products, especially the soap, stung initially but wouldn’t do so the following day!

I skipped my other skincare products and continued to use the simple 3-step routine of White Glow for 23 days, and I can say that it did its magic. For some reason, whether I have makeup or not, my face has glowed. I’m pretty sure that all the mini compliments I got recently were maybe because of White Glow.

The products fit me well, but there might be a skin bias there because I don’t have sensitive skin.

White Glow Beauty Bar Soap

Pros: affordable (160php SRP), easy to lather, lasts a long time, no smell, complete with glowing, whitening, and anti-aging components, so expect your skin to improve over time.

Cons: stinging at first try

White Glow Facial Toner

Pros: affordable (180php SRP), smells good, lasts a long time, has all the components for glowing, whitening, and anti-aging

Cons: a little bit harsh maybe due to its alcohol content (phenoxyethanol)

White Glow Day and Night Cream

Pros: It is affordable (180-210php SRP), has all the components for glowing, whitening, and anti-aging, is moisturizing, and feels great on the skin; it doesn’t have an icky texture.

Cons: The amount is too little; only 50g per container

White Glow Gluta-Kojic-Arbutin Hand and Body Lotion SPF 30

Now, let’s review White Glow’s lotion. Before even using the product itself, I heard a lot of great things about the lotion, but it exceeded my expectations. For such a long time, I didn’t see my skin glow, until I continuously used the lotion. I was stunned to see my arms glowing; almost like snow white, LOL.

Pros: affordable (190-310php SRP), refreshing texture; doesn’t feel icky; has all the components for glowing, whitening, and anti-aging, smells great, SPF 30 (enough for your needs)

Cons: None


If someone asked me if I would recommend White Glow products, it would be a strong yes! It greatly improved my skin and lived by its promise to make my skin glow. The overall benefit of the entire skincare line for your everyday routine is that it only has three steps, four if you include the lotion. Despite that, it doesn’t compromise your skin. You can live even without other mainstream and “necessary” steps. Best of all, everything is affordable, and you support local if you buy it. I can hardly wait to repurchase.

I’m unsure if those with sensitive skin can handle all the ingredients in each product. Before you decide to try one, perhaps you should do a skin test.

White Glow products are available on Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok, and at Davao Farmacia Southern, fronting Unicity, San Pedro St., Davao City.

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