Five Gadget Must-Haves to Maximize Your Fun Summer Getaway

In this generation, travel is often synonymous with technology. Any getaway, however, off-grid it may sound, can’t escape the assistive touch of smart gadgets, so let me give you five must-haves you should invest in for your next vacation. Whether attending the hottest music festival, trekking through lush forests, or soul-searching under the stars, these gadgets will be your reliable companions for an unforgettable summer getaway. 

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1. The latest cutting-edge smartphones 

No matter how young or old users are, smartphones have become integral to our everyday lives, from professional commitments to personal leisure. In the past few years, I have searched through good smartphone buys even if my current one was magnificently functioning, just because I thought the camera was not on par with my expectations. 

Since it’s summer, many of you have already planned your summer outings or festival celebrations. What better way to create better memories than to get your new smartphone device–one with a better camera, more data storage, and an advanced chipset? 

Recommended Smartphones: Honor X9b 5G 256/12, Vivo Y36 5G, Oppo A98 5G, Realme 11 4G 256GB/8GB, Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 256GB, and Samsung Galaxy A24

2. Mobile Tablets

When we speak of summer, the conversation inevitably turns to holidays and vacation leaves, but this is not always the case for working people.  Even if their bosses say yes to a vacation leave, they may occasionally pester them about work during the holiday. So, how can we address that? It may not be the ideal scenario when traveling, but bringing a sleek, mobile, and light tablet can provide you with a pleasant workaround. 

Let’s be honest. Being at work in an office doesn’t necessarily mean we are productive. According to a study by Voucher Cloud, an average office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes a day. That’s the reason why some companies prefer work-from-home scenarios.

If your job doesn’t require exclusive software or you just need to be around at meetings during your vacation leave, you might want to invest in a tablet. Many freelancers, such as writers, accountants, and designers, prefer working on a tablet. You may even turn it into a computer. Bringing your tablet gives you the best of both worlds: minimal work while having a vacation and still getting paid for the hours incurred.

Recommended Tablets: Xiaomi Pad 6, Apple iPad 9th Gen, Huwawei Matepad Air 11.5, Honor Paid 8, Samsung Tab S8

3. and 4. Headsets, Earphones, and Bluetooth Speakers

Have you ever found yourself on a beach with very few people around, devouring the tranquil scenery and listening to the calming sound of the waves? While you bask in their beauty, you realize something’s missing–an accompaniment to your melodramatic moment. It’s during these instances that you wish you could either groove or sing-a-long to your favorite summer tunes. What you’re missing, dear, are earphones or a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Recommended earphones: Apple AirPods 3rd Gen, Apple AirPods Pro

Recommended Bluetooth speakers:​​ Xtreme 550W Portable speaker, Xtreme 450W Speaker

5. Smartwatches

You may not think you need them when traveling, but smartwatches can offer many benefits. Besides, luxury watches and other digital watches are more expensive than smartwatches, so why not choose the latter?

Using a smartwatch can help you track every activity–exercise or the steps you take during a trip. The device can give you an instant smile when it buzzes and informs you that you have walked 5,000 or 15,000 steps. The device can also monitor your heart rate to provide peace of mind, especially when engaging in outdoor activities. 

A smartwatch’s built-in GPS function enables accurate navigation, allowing you to find your way around unfamiliar places, like when trekking the wilderness or exploring urban streets. An assistant navigator on your wrist can show you the way.

Recommended smartwatches: Apple Watch SE GPS, Oppo W6 Watch, Huawei Watch 4

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