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Trapped in Friends

Trapped in Friends

My barkada and I love to go to malls during weekends or even after our classes. We eat, and bond. Actually, we eat first, and after that, we stay on that restaurant or fastfood for several hours and just talk and talk and talk about different things.

We call this “session”. In our session, we share secrets, we share experiences, and most of all, we backbite people. We have been going out for awhile, and there was this one time that we ran out of things to say and people to backbite because we already said all the things we need to say, so we decided to just maybe backbite each other. Sort of a forum thing. There were four of us, and we opened up the things that irritate us or the things we don’t like about each other, but in the end, we’ll get a chance to defend ourselves.

Most of the things went out well. We didn’t get into a fight, and we understood one another, but at some point, there were some things that we didn’t agree of. We never expected that we were like that and we kept defending ourselves. One of my friends told this other friend that he didn’t know how to listen and he always went on his way. So that friend who was told that he was like that reacted and told me that he wasn’t like that. He listens to the things his friends say; it’s just that he doesn’t agree with them.

Well, it was a good thing that we didn’t start a fight or another backbiting session against each other, but the day after that forum, my friend (who was told that he didn’t know how to listen) , asked me again if he really didn’t know how to listen. Honestly, I agree with him. He listens, but there are times that it shows that he doesn’t because his face will change and he reacts negatively, or it really depends on the situation. He listens naman to what I share like my crushes or my several complaints about things. For him to slow down and forget about it, I told him that he truly listens and I know that because we get to be with each other more often that our friend who told him he doesn’t know how to listen.

My friend never expected that our other friend would say that. Again, it was a good thing that we didn’t get into a fight after that forum. It wasn’t only him who didn’t expect those things, but also the rest of us. We never expected that we were like that, and everything. Well, that forum was a good routine. Maybe we’ll do it every month…..Ü

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