Social Penetration with Palmwheel

May 2, 2006 – It was the first time when I got to meet the Glueclay (an all-girl band) peeps. We already know each other before, but we were not friends. We were introduced by a close friend of mine. We had a lot of things in common- and we shared a lot of stuffs we know about the band scene. We exchanged numbers, and texted each other after the gig. Two weeks after, they asked me to be in a band- a different band because Glueclay just disbanded..of course I said yes!

In May 13, 2006, Palmwheel was formed. Our first practice together was great. It’s just that we were still a bit shy and uncomfortable with each other. Yet, we learned more about each other. I found out that Darling (guitarist) already have 2 children with the same father. Then, we found out where we go to school, where we live, etc.

We kept on practicing and had some bonding, and slowly, we got to know each other more, but still there were exemptions. At some point, Angel and I were a bit well not really hesitatnt to be with the other 3 very much because they share the same set of barkada, and sometimes, we can’t relate to some of the things they share. Well, of course we just let it be because they have been friends since high school and we just like met them for months and we don’t really get to be with them often.

Then, Angel had to leave the group and we were left as a foursome. Everything else was the same, I got to know them more, but if not because of our first Panabo gig, I won’t really get to be very close to them. I truly enjoyed the weekend where I only spent with them. I really found out more about them and some of their friends. After that weekend, I became a member of their barkada.

As days have past and we are still very active as a band, we see each other not only for practices, gigs, or meetings, but also just for pure bond and pleasure. I got to share to them the deeper layer of my onion, and now, we can never be more than close because we already are…Ü

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