So Long, Bananaccino...

So Long, Bananaccino…

I agree with Pao. Performing with Bananaccino at Rizal Promenade was actually one of the greatest band experiences I ever had. Being with Anno Domini (my first band) and Palmwheel, which are all-girl bands, I was always satisfied in the end of the shows since these two bands get a lot of cheers, but I didn’t expect that it was more fun when you don’t get any audience impact at all. It was a good thing that I didn’t invite any of my friends over. hahar. This isn’t a sarcasm .It is really true. It was very fun!

Anyway, that night wasn’t only about the competition. It was more about boys! boys! boys! Imagine being in a male-dominated room! haha! I know you girls would be jealous if you are as boycrazy as I am. That was such a “papafull” evening. You see, the type of boys I see everyday are the ghetto boys, emo kids, rocker boys, and all, but that night, I was with the swoon-worthy dudes (according to the society’s norms) I don’t usually see in UP Mindanao and in Davao indie gigs. It has been awhile since I hung out with pogi boys and well, I got enchanted that night. I’m still into the guys I see in school especially the ones who are in this i-won’t-tell-you fraternity even if some of my friends would refer some of them as “lago”. Usually, my type (most of them). Haha.

Going back, seriously, the one who most turned me on was this chinito. I didn’t get his name even though he was introduced to me. I’m a bit amazed because it has been almost forever since I got a crush on someone like him (Don’t count those Korean cuties from my favorite Koreanovelas). I’m looking forward to seeing him again. Will I ever get to? Well, I think I wouldn’t, except if God will find a way to let us bump at each other at the mall or any other place around the city. I won’t be able to see him because Bananaccino just disbanded, again. My only connection to him is our bassist, Jerrick (I miss you Jerk!), who is his best friend.

Seriously, (I hope no bandmate will get to read this) I felt sad when we disbanded, but not that sad as when AD, and if ever PW will disband. After Bananaccino has recorded Buelo, I was in rapture and thought that Bananaccino was the best band I ever had (only during that time). Even my sister said that it was way better that AD, PW, Olagi, NTTP, and the other bands I had. When Paeng first asked me to be the voice of the band, I said yes right away upon knowing that the “Paolo Segura” was in it. Well, it was really, and still a dream of mine to be bandmates with him. See, Paolo Segura is Paolo Segura. He is really one of the best guitarists around. Choy! Bow jud ko nimo! Upon learning that we got to the Globe kantabataan semis, unsurprisingly, I never cared until the “Chuck Cabrera” got into the picture. Need I say more? It is Chuck Cabrera the great. I could say a million words of idolatry and I wouldn’t run out of them. Except that it would really take time. Hahar. Paeng told me na “Uhaw sa banda si Chuck” during that time, so I got excited again because I thought that we wouldn’t disband anymore. During our practices at Mix, Chuck was rediscovered, and Mckina, his former band, got back together. They got nominated rin kasi for “Best Music Video” for their song “Centerfold Media” in the first ever Musika del Sur Music Awards.

Anyway, Bananaccino’s over. I don’t need to explain more, and I’m already sleepy eh. I just wonder, when will I ever get to have a Bananaccino again?

To Francis: Thanks for accompanying me during dinner. Thanks for the support. Love you!

P.S.: The name Bananaccino is also another reason why our disbanding kinda’ hurt me. I love the band name so much, and I can’t steal it if ever I form another band like that since no one could ever replace them. Paeng, Paolo, Jerrick, Ej, and Chuck: KUDOS!!!

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