Blogging at past 4 am: My New Crush

Blogging at past 4 am: My New Crush

During my last post (somewhere in the early September of 2007), I promised myself that I’m gonna make blog posting a habit. Obviously, I didn’t make it.

I actually have a new crush at the moment. When having new crushes, I call it research. That is, I make use of the internet in getting to know them better. Whether that crush is a celebrity, an indie dude (the not-so-popular but considered celebs already by some), or a nobody. I had this crush on one of the members of one of the dominating fraternities in UP Mindanao and before anyone knew I was into him, I already found out his basic profile through friendster. I didn’t even know his name back then! I researched about him around their fraternity’s network for days. So far, he was the hardest to research. Some of my crushes are just so easy to find, since I know their names. Now, can you decipher how much of a stalker I am?

Oh, I can’t believe how far this discussion of me being a stalker went. Anyway, the first time I ever considered blogging was in second year high. During that time, I was really addicted to Finch’s front man Nate Barcalow. I got to check out his livejournal account, and that made me make my own blog account in a flash.

I used to really write and read a lot from sixth grade to early third year high, then I ran out of time of doing it because I got busy with my band and going out with friends. I was able to post around 9 entries into my livejournal account, but as time went, my account also did.

Last year (1st year college, second sem), one of my major classes required blogging for the things we learned about the Communication theories we discussed. I was happy that that was required because I expected that that would make writing my habit again, but then again, it never worked. I crammed almost half of the required blog posts since our teacher wasn’t really checking the blogs on time. My classmates and I even thought he never checked it. He based our final grades from our term paper at the end of the semester. So that was my second blog account.

Early this year, I decided to activate my Multiply account and I was actually pressured to really fill up the blog section. It kinda’ made me write a journal again, but as usual, it still didn’t revive me as a journal or diary writer.

I know that while you were reading the third paragraph, you’ve been thinking about my crushes’ connection to my blogging. After all the multiply, the blog for the major class, I have not been creating new entries until I had a crush on Ping Medina and finding his liv journal account. It made me create a live journal account again, and at the moment, I have been crushing on the Laffapalooza 2007 winner, Victor Michael Patricio Anastacio, and like Ping, I also found his live journal account. It’s not like I wanna be like them, it’s because the only time I remember checking my blog accounts and creating new posts is when I find and check out a live journal account, especially those of my lovers.

Oh, it’s around 4:30 am. I gotta go to sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow and explain why I am still awake at this hour, share stuff about the demo Kre sent me and talk about how beautiful Victor is. Good morning.

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