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Anno Domini

It has always been my dream to be in a band. Way back in 1st and 2nd year in High School, I would imagine myself performing in front of a crowd and rocking the night away. I thought that dream will only be a dream forever. I never had connections and I didn’t even have a close friend who knows […]

Reflections on Communication

Communication: Self-expression and Understanding Communication is an act or process of self-expression and interaction among individuals with a common understanding. By communicating, we can show who we truly are and express our feelings towards a person. We get to interact with people and develop our social life. We communicate in different ways that each of us understand and use in […]

We Need Rapture

My head’s not spinning Why isn’t it? Almost everything under the sun’s not participating Don’t make me lose control Coz in just a minute it will happen I need something Coz I can’t tear myself away Everyone’s gonna sell their gravity Coz they wanna be in rapture Inside us there’s this longing It’s like changing tedium to pleasure and lowering […]


Baby now I’ll go to a place I’ve always seen And how will you remember If we ever met before This place is playing its game on us but I know deep in our hearts we say Hello hello hello Or goodbye This first love will find its way and never will it fade away These tears in my eyes […]